für Nikita




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Premium Hoodie with stripes representing the cage we are in every day, Japanese quotes telling you to love yourself.

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The Story

Nikita was born in Belgium, had a rough childhood and lost her both parents in an accident when she was just 19. She then moved to New York to chase her dreams: becoming the most popular party organizer of the city. She organized rooftop party’s with the biggest dj’s in the world. Her second-biggest dream was to see the northern lights, on het trip back from these lights’ disaster struck, and she fell through the ice of a lake, she was rushed to a hospital where she later passed away due to her injuries and cold shock.

Nikita was always happy, always positive, but she always told everyone looks like they are in a cage, and they need someone else to break it open, that’s why we incorporated the stripes on the chest. Nikita was fluent in Japanese, her favorite language. The quotes are all in Japanese.

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